The main goal of the Quality Policy of MAXIMUS CNC is to ensure that our services in the field of machining and CAD / CAM programming meet the requirements, needs and expectations of our clients, giving them full satisfaction and contentment.

In our efforts, we try to ensure that the quality standards, which guarantee the achievement of the intended goal and the satisfaction of Customer, are met in every case.

The main goals and actions adopted in the implementation of the Quality Policy:
  • Functioning of the Company under the existing legislation,
  • Identification of the needs and requirements of clients;
  • Reliable and professional help in the selection of technological solutions;
  • Ensuring the increase in Customer satisfaction accompanied with flawless performance of contracts and orders,
  • Providing Customers with products and services of competitive quality,
  • Use of the latest technologies in the scope of services provided;
  • Continuous improvement of qualifications of the Company's employees,
  • Improving quality management in the Company,

Continuous improvement of the developed and implemented quality management system. The most important asset of our company are the high qualifications of our staff and the awareness that each stage of the service implementation has an impact on the quality.

By implementing and maintaining the quality management system in accordance with the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, we confirm the credibility of our actions to satisfy the Customer.

The owner of the Company ensures that the principles of the Quality Policy are implemented and declares the provision of human, technical and financial resources necessary for the proper functioning and improvement of the quality management system.